​​​​​​​Every story exists twice, within and without. The stories within are uniquely ours - our experiences, our visions, dreams, hopes, losses. To share them with others we need to manifest them through words, pictures, sounds, music, art and more. I am here to help by teaching the art of visual storytelling.
Hi and welcome to Pictured:Words. I'm Thorsten (silent “h”) and I've been an avid photographer since childhood. My passion for taking photos was sparked at around 1979, when me and my family visited friends for a typical German coffee and cake Sunday afternoon. We had just come home from a forest walk where I'd picked up various sticks and stones, as was typical of me; I always had to bring some "treasures" home. During that afternoon our friends introduced us to their newest acquirement, a Polaroid instant camera. Always up for playing with fun new toys I implored them to let me "take a look". An hour later their stock of instant film was depleted and I proudly presented the various portraits and close-ups I'd taken. From that day on forward photography became a passion of mine.

I've been a writer and journalist for well over 25 years now. Since 2008 I've also steadily increased my photography work, which has been published in interior design books, magazines, and newspapers. My fascination with movies and cinematography has led me to develop my own cinema inspired style. I take cues from and continuously study the works of cinematographers such a Reed Morano, Emmanuel Lubezki, and Roger Alexander Deakins. For example, I treat interiors and exteriors as sets wherein and around stories unfold. I approach product photography from the same angle, treating every item as purposely placed clues or storytelling props rather than objects without context. To me, photography is about capturing moments in time, little sparks of magic and mystery that otherwise may be lost in the everyday. It's about storytelling.
In 2017 I've decided to turn what I've learned into ecourses. The first one is called Picture This - Photography For Storytellers, a photography ecourse for anyone who would like to learn how to tell visual stories, teaching the principals of visual storytelling, providing references to movies such as Amelie, Midnight in Paris, and The Great Gatsby (2013). Familiarity with photography is strongly encouraged. This course will teach you techniques to better communicate your ideas, stories, and projects visually through your camera in a fun and entertaining way. Topics covered are explained with easy to follow steps accompanied by simple technical explanations.
Originally taught in a semi-live fashion on Blogging Your Way in November 2017 I've since turned all lessons into an ebook with downloadable videos. You can learn more about it and purchase a copy by visiting either Payhip or Gumroad.
I am always happy to connect. For the most recent updates follow me on Instagram. For thoughts and musings on visual storytelling visit my Tumblr blog. If you prefer getting in contact directly feel free to send me a message below.
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